The BIG question is this…WHY JESUS?

The Challenges We Face

As humans we have a million different directions we could go and truthfully would like to go! We live in a world that says do what’s best for you. Take care of yourself first and remember it is all about you. A world that makes Christianity out to be some sort of cult. So, with all of this, why Jesus?

To try and accurately pin this down for y’all would be impossible, because the transformative work God does in the life of a sinner is very personal. I will share however what it has looked like in my life but remember that for each person it is different!

The first clarification I want to make is this understanding that yes, in a way we choose to follow Jesus, right? But our transformation begins with Him saving us! Because there is nothing, we can do to earn salvation, it is the free gift of grace He poured out. (Ephesians 2:8-9)  I have seen way too many people say look I chose to follow Jesus and they completely forget to acknowledge the Savior.

Ultimately, this is where I want to share WHY JESUS for me.


God has moved in my life in a way that I cannot simply put in words. I have spent most of my life following my path and neglecting His path. I did not say yes to Jesus because of some special church moment or a camp experience. (These are not bad things by the way, it is just not what He did in my life) I said Yes to Jesus because He took what was dark and broken and He said I am here! His faithfulness has been ever present in my life. His faithfulness is the key word or theme that I could talk about for hours, and it is the answer to WHY JESUS!

When you live a life that is in opposition to Christ and what He commands of us, and yet He still pours His Grace out. I can’t make sense of it honestly, because the life I lived was dark and selfish. So, I am forever grateful to Jesus for paying the penalty that I deserved.

And this is the one thing I want each of you to hear today as you may find yourself in a similar place or not at all. I cannot make someone follow Jesus, but it is my deep desire to share with you the Good News and pray that God would save you as He has me.

Why Jesus – To the Non-Believer

Maybe you are sitting here today asking yourself WHY JESUS? My response to the non-believer is this. Why not? The freedom that is found in Christ is one that is truly unlike anything else in life! There is nothing you can do to earn salvation. This is one thing that has stood out to me for some time now. Every other religion is work based, whereas Bible believing Christ followers know that God is the one who is our Salvation. It was by His Son Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection that we have forgiveness of our sins. This is what I want you to hear. All you must do is repent and believe and live for the King! (Romans 10:9; Mark 1:15)

Why Jesus – To the Believers

Now, my response to those that are professing Christians already, what is your defense for WHY JESUS?

Because the truth is, people are going to ask you for a defense, and will we be ready? (1st Peter 3:15) I believe it is up to us to dig deep into the Scriptures and understand His Word at a deeper level than just the surface. This is one area I am convicted in as I look to follow Him. We can’t shrink back into our comfort and in the motions as if we have all the time in the world. We can’t stop faithfully serving the Lord just because we went on a mission trip once. It is a daily commitment! And my prayer for Christ-Followers all around the globe is that we would stand firm! Our God is an immovable ROCK! May you walk through the rest of today finding rest and strength in Him.

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