A BIG World and a Comfort Bubble

We live in such a BIG world, yet we will barely even discover it for ourselves, but instead live in comfort!

A Big World to Travel

I have slowly realized just how much fun it would be to travel anywhere and everywhere. But, I may not get to if I always say no and miss out on the opportunities that God has placed in my way!

See the truth is I say no to a lot of things and because of my little comfort bubble I have missed out on so much! But at what point will I and maybe you decide that God does truly have plan for each of our lives? Like I said in the first sentence, we live in a BIG world and if we want to see the Gospel proclaimed all throughout then we actually have to move! We can’t stay in those little bubbles we have made for ourselves.

It’s true, some people will live their whole life in the same place, doing the same 9 to 5 and faithfully serving the Lord as they do. But…as the western civilization that we are, we can’t forget to leave this comfort we live in to GO!

GO! to the Big World

This would be my simple yet hopefully convicting plea for anyone who is comfortable…remember Matthew 28:18-20! As Christ-Followers we are to Glorify and be obedient to the Lord. We also can’t remain complacent in our lives that we neglect the GOING He speaks about in the Great Commission! There are hurting people all around the globe who desire to be loved, who would love for someone to listen to them, that struggle with something and desperately want help.

What do we do though???

We keep living the life we have. Spending money on food because we can. We keep putting our wants above the helpless plea.

Yeah, that should be hard to hear! It is painful for me to say because it convicts me. I realize everything I do is seen by God and if I am unwilling to break bread with the lowly and listen to the homeless, hurting, and sick then what sort of Bible believing Christ follower am I?

Will You Go or Will You Remain in Comfort?

I am not writing this as some hate towards the American church, but a plea to the American church. It is time to open our eyes and live the life of less comfort and more Gospel proclamation! The more we seek our comfort, the more we will find a loneliness and separation from Christ. Because with that comfort comes all sorts of other things, like greed, pride, anxiety, depression, habitual sin, etc.

You get the point!

And I believe if we were to take a deep look at our life, we would realize that we need to surrender a whole lot to the Lord!

So, will you?

Again, this is a BIG world and a hurting world. Desperately in need of a Savior!

Let us…

Trust the Lord!

Open our Eyes!

Be Obedient to the Lord!

GO Proclaim the Gospel!

Pop that Comfort Bubble!

Never stop Pursuing the Lord and His Path for your Life!

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