The Cultural Relater

What is a cultural relater? Well, I came up with it like a few hours ago. However, I promise it makes sense. In order for me to make sense out of it I will need to break each word down, but before I do that I have realized that with this topic have come many challenges. All to often I find that those challenges turn into traps. I’m not one for traps, then again who really is, but I will plea to the Lord to guide me away from them because they are scary.

All right, cultural, what is that? Culture is all around us, it is diverse, and it is unique. I am finding that understanding cultures of all sorts is vitally important. The trap however with this is the truth that we (Christians) are in this world, but we are not supposed to be of this world. I ask myself, well then how can I better understand cultures without necessarily becoming of or like them? One of the easiest ways I do this is by simply observing. I like to say (at least to myself) that those observing from the outside know more than people think.

Relater, this is something by the Grace of God that I seem to do well, that is what people tell me at least. A relater relates. I know that might be the most profound statement you have ever heard. I’m a firm believer that relaters aren’t limited to things they have just gone through. They are absolutely stronger in those areas. I have seen God put people in my life that have gone through things I have never even begun to experience and yet somehow, I am able to find a way to relate with them. Something that will stick out about a relater or a relational person is that they are first, always mindful and aware of people and what is going on and they want to be there always if they are able. Secondly, a relater will never give up, no matter what.

What do we get when we combine these two things? A super relational person, but in all actuality,  you get for yourself someone who cares, A LOT. I want to tell you a true story about why I find these two things important. Today at church a new kid walked into class and he was not wanting to be in there. He sat on the ground next to the door the entire class and I was like, alright Lord, help me here. So I go sit by this kid and try to start a conversation with him, which leads to him asking a question…do you play Fortnite? It was from the point I said yes that this kid went from sad to happy. This is first All God and secondly the fact that I have chosen to understand something so large in this culture, helps me relate to many. I will say that yes, I do participate in this video game and I believe there is a healthy balance. Before I end, I need to say I am sorry. With this part of me I have realized that I look like a know it all. I never when I relate mean it that way and I pray you will forgive me.

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