All I Need Is You Lord

All I need is the Lord, the Creator of All things, the Great I Am, My King. I have found myself becoming ungrateful of the Lord and of my life in general. I’ve been so blind to the truth that all I need is the Lord, but even in my blindness He provides for me. Sometimes I wonder why He has given me so much through my ungratefulness and it is in those moments that I know I need to praise Him. See the moment I choose to need something other than Jesus is a moment where I will be lost. I don’t want to be lost because far too often that is a place, I find myself.

People have told me that I need a job, I need my own car, I need a life, I need a perfect Christian girl or worse I need to get my priorities straight. You want to know what is wrong with this? It is usually based on confusion, a life lived in the motions and selfish pride. I don’t want that in these situations, I want the Lord. Maybe in my situations the Lord is saying Hey, I will provide for you, trust Me, GO and DO this. Or maybe He will put a girl in my life who is the opposite of perfection and who needs to hear the truth of His Word.

I don’t need a stable job, I Need Jesus and if this passion is real and from Him then I am confident that it will all work out and He will provide through it. I don’t need my own vehicle, I Need Jesus! Yes, I absolutely want my own vehicle and if the Lord wants me to have one, He will provide one for me, but I can’t worry that I don’t have one. Instead I must learn to be thankful for what I do have. I don’t need a perfect Christian girl, I Need Jesus! So, if He puts a girl into my life I refuse to look the other way even if she isn’t my quote on quote perfect match. No, I will choose to love her well and treat her with dignity and respect. See it isn’t about what I plan as my perfect life or perfect match it is what the Lord planned far before I was born.

All I need is You Jesus because I am broken. Many have of late, helped me to realize that I give off the body language of someone who is perfect and saint like. This statement has been so hard for me seeing as I and a couple other people are the only ones who know that isn’t true. I’m in a million pieces right now because of an absolutely heinous crime I committed against the Lord and others. I’m not fully ready yet to go into details about it, but I want all who read this to know that God broke a wall. Like a super large wall that I built, and thought would never be destroyed. I am not even remotely close to being even a quarter put back together again, but it was because of this moment in my life that I realized I need Jesus, ALWAYS. I only pray that we all will seek this daily. Personally, it is hard, I forget what He has done and choose to live for self. Let’s daily remind those around us that we ALL need More Jesus.

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