Sacrifice, it is such a big deal and all too often it is never displayed. We ultimately, as humans, have the choice to sacrifice for our own selfish gain, which I have found myself doing. That or we just decide we don’t need to sacrifice. Both things are things we have to ask ourselves. What if we all started to sacrifice more often, not for our own gain, but because of Love? When I say love, I understand it could mean a whole lot of things in this century. My example of love though is the genuine love displayed by Jesus. If we want to understand real and true sacrifice, we must look to the cross.


There are, at least in my mind, two things we must understand about sacrifice. The first is, we have to look to Jesus’ death as our true and first example of sacrifice. It was a perfect and unconditional display of love that Jesus shows us as He died upon that cross. It is so mind boggling to me that Jesus died for All sinners. Secondly, we must sacrifice ourselves for Christ. As His Word says, we have to take up our cross daily. We as Christians have and will be called to sacrifice our time, money, friendships and even possibly our lives to advance the Good News to the Nations. People won’t understand why Christians would ever die for God, but it is because He first died for us sinners and He says what a Great honor it is to die for Him.


Lately, God has showed me the importance of sacrificing for my family and friends. Why, you may ask? Well, it is because I love you. I love you more than I can even explain. The blessing it is to call you family or to call you a best friend is everything too me. I will absolutely, without hesitation, sacrifice my time, my money and even my life for each of you, because I love you. God recently used a song to remind me of the importance of sacrificing and being there for others. The song is called, “Forever On Your Side”, by NeedtoBreathe. Whereas this is a song they sing to their fans, I want it to be a song I “sing” to my family and friends. To each of you I say this, I can’t promise or guarantee you that I will always be there for you in person. I can however tell you this, I will do everything I possibly can to be there for you, and I will truly Always love you no matter where we are.


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