Failure, now that is one word that no one likes to hear. Some of us have been called that very thing and others of us have lived our life believing that we are failures. The reason so many of us believe this is because we look around and all we see are “disappointed faces”. Its seems that nothing we do will ever be good enough or amount to anything. People look at us like we are these lazy bums who don’t do anything and have no motivation. We always find ourselves in a dark pit, crying for help. Each one of these things is very real for those of us who struggle with this feeling of failure, and we can’t push this situation into the dirt.


I have way too often believed that I am a failure and the things above are very real for me. Truly, I am not used to looking around and seeing “faces” that are proud of who I have become and of what I love to do. I see faces of disappointment. The truth that as I look around, I know people think I do nothing with my life. This hurts because I am trying and showing people what I am doing, but they don’t see it. Also, it is hard to feel like nothing you do will ever be good enough. That has been my life, I try so hard, but all I do is mess up. I can never say things the right way, I always seem to mess up on my own words and I am mediocre at most everything or just terrible. I want people to stop just saying that this isn’t true and in turn start treating me like it isn’t.


Something I have to say before I keep trudging farther into this thing is that I am not in any way trying to throw daggers at the people around me. I really hope that is not how I am coming across. On the contrary, I am trying to help you all understand me a little better and what I am feeling and going through, because I love you all and believe that it is important to share. I believe that if we can better understand what the other is going through the stronger our relationships will be in the end. Though it is very important to trust and tell the right people, which I am someone who it takes a lot to earn my trust, I know that I must tell someone.


Now, to my favorite part, the but statement. Yes, there is a but statement to this topic of failure. It is so simple, yet so profound. But Christ. Our identity shouldn’t be found in the people or things of this world, but in Christ. If you go read 2nd Corinthians 12:9-10 you will find an abundance of hope in it. Truly His Grace is sufficient and Yes, His power is displayed perfectly in our weaknesses and struggles. The thing about failure is that we can choose to let it weigh us down and control our life or we can give All control to Christ and let Him take care of us. I know it isn’t easy, failure as I have found out, is quite sticky. Far Greater though is the peace and freedom found in Christ from that stickiness called failure if we would just choose Christ to Reign in our lives.

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