A Passion and Love Worth Fighting For

Passion, it is something we all have, but few of us actually pursue it. I look around and see people who have given up. Given up on love, passion, joy and ultimately Christ. Instead they have chosen the path of an easy and quiet life and a life lived in the motions. They have become so content with their discontentment that they have forgotten what they love to do. We see it all around us, people who once had a dream to become the next great singer and now they work in a bank wondering what if. I have had many people wonder why I am pursuing something that too them seems unreasonable. The thing is I am not trying to put my trust in the worldly system, but I am putting my trust in Christ who guides me through all this warfare.


So, if you don’t already know this, I am passionate about photography and videography. However, I have felt this massive weight on my shoulders ever since I decided it was where God wanted me. In the couple years I have been doing it I have found myself at the highest peak, loving what I do. Then the next moment I find myself at the lowest of lows, wanting to just give up on this dream. It is in those times where I begin to ask myself, what if everyone was right? What if I keep failing and make it nowhere? Maybe this was just a stupid dream anyways. I can’t lie to you all, it is so hard for me to put work in only to see it get buried in the archives. I mean I sit and wonder how many people even care that I do this, any of it. Here is the part, through all of this, that gets me every time. God, in all these times, has constantly reminded me that it will all be ok. His Word says, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you”. This has been a daily reminder for my life. Life will inevitably be hard sometimes, but Christ remains faithful. I must continue to trust His plan for my life.


All this being said, what is it that you are passionate about? Do you love someone, but don’t know if they will love you back or maybe you don’t know how to tell them you love them? Are you passionate about something, but feel like it won’t provide a stable future? My answer to that is, So AM I. I am scared of trying, I am worried I will always fail, I fear I will always let fear drive my life. God is showing me that I can be bold. If I would give Him FULL control, my life might look a little more courageous and a little less reserved. I am begging you, please don’t give up. I am not giving up on my passion and I am not giving up on love. I will continue to press forward and when I find myself at a low point, I will go back and look at the moments I was at the peak. I can only hope and pray that you will always trust God with your life.

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