Will you rejoice or will you whine? Today is the 15th anniversary of Lifepoint Church and I’m sitting in a hotel in Kentucky wondering! Would I be lying if I said I wasn’t sad, YES. What I have had to realize is that even though I can’t be with my church family today, I can rejoice and celebrate from afar! I can also rejoice because I am with family in Kentucky on vacation. We get to go to the creation museum and the ark, which will be pretty cool. Through this whole thing I have had two responses, rejoicing and whining!

Real quickly I would like to give a couple reasons or truths about why it is so important to rejoice always. First truth, God tells us to rejoice always and to be thankful. The moment we decide to whine, is the moment we are telling God that we deserve better or more. This statement is extremely prideful, and I am convicted of being this way all to often. The second truth is this, if you whine you will miss out. The problem being is that we are too busy whining about who knows what that things zoom on by. I don’t know where each one of you are today, but I will be honest, I have whined way to much lately and I am pretty sure I have missed some things. We have a choice, rejoice or whine, what’s yours?

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