It Has Been A Year

It has been a year, a year since I last wrote on this site! A year of immense and overwhelming change. Time has seemed to move even faster than ever before and all I can think about is…well honestly, I don’t even know anymore. I am not even sure if anyone reads these things anymore. But I promised myself I would continue to write and even though I don’t write catchy stuff or have the best English skills, I want to write.

1 Year Ago

I started this website a few years ago with the sole intention of proclaiming the Gospel, but I can’t do that the way I thought I could. As we read in Hebrews 5:11-14, I am like the infant who still needs milk. I teach kids at Sunday school who know more about the Bible than I do, and yes that hurts me! I have lived the better half of my life proclaiming a truth that I didn’t invest my all in all in! God commands us to take up our cross daily, read that in Matthew 16:24, but I have lived my life doing that whenever I feel like it. I also haven’t once thought about denying myself, which is the first part of that verse. One of the scariest things is writing this knowing that anyone in the world can read this. There is so much I could flood out to you all right now, I mean it has been a year after all, but I want to key in on two things to tie this all together.

God is Faithful

The first thing is God’s Faithfulness, and if you know me then you know that this is a big deal in my life. For one I have seen how God has relentlessly pursued me even when I have run far from Him. Also, I have seen Him continuously at work in my life and even though it has taken me time to see it, He has always been there. I get choked up about all the time, because I don’t deserve to be loved and cared for the way He does, and that is ALL GLORY TO HIM! Even today, the day that I am writing this, has not been the best. I did not read His word once today, until I started writing this. I did my own thing today. Even though I chose my way He reminded me as I was out and about that my way is not sufficient and He will not leave me. We read all throughout scripture of men and women who God’s Faithfulness was displayed a hundred-fold in their lives, but can you name me one that He gave up on and didn’t pursue? The answer to that is NO! God pursued the men who lived for themselves and gave into sin, like David or Abraham. He pursued women who were prostitutes. He pursued and saved Paul who murdered those who were the body of Christ. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, God’s Faithfulness and Power reach far beyond that. Which leads me into my second thing…

The Glorious Gospel

 I am not worthy; I am not good…but GOD IS! Many people would and will read this and try to say, Oh Zach, you are an amazing guy, don’t say those things about yourself. Didn’t you know God says you are worthy and you are good? That isn’t true though and we live in a society that says that and all it does is demean the Creator of this World and the Words He has Said. I have failed miserably at praising the Lord daily for who He is and all that He does. Because it wasn’t me that took on the sins of all and died on that cross, it was Jesus. I couldn’t do that, because I am the wretched, messed up sinner that He died for on that cross. Every single person who is reading this, hear that and if you don’t believe me go get a Bible and read all of Matthew 27 and 28. Jesus died for you and not because you are good or worthy, but because you are a sinner. There is hope in all of this though, because we don’t have to earn this, it is the free gift of grace that we receive this GOOD NEWS.  What Gods Word tells us to do, ( and hint, it isn’t some special prayer) is to repent and believe. Here are some scripture references for you.

( Mark 1:15; Matthew 4:17; Romans 10:9; Ephesians 2:8; John 3:16, I could go on and on, but you should start there.)

Where to Now, a New Year…Kind of

So all of this being said, and I didn’t even get into all the virus stuff. I want you all to know that I write not for my voice to be heard or for some pitty party. I write to Proclaim the Beautiful Truth of the Gospel. Maybe I am slow with it all and I know I have some spiritual maturing to undergo. But I will not stop telling of this Glorious Gospel. I won’t stop showing how God is Faithful. There will be ups and downs just like always as I write, but I understand that I can’t make those things the primary thing. The primary thing must always be God and His Word and the GOOD NEWS!

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