Journey to Positivity

Summer Positivity Refresh

This summer God has taught me a lot, but none bigger than positivity. God has made it known to me through others that I have been very negative. First, I have been ultra-negative towards myself. Second, I have used this blog in the wrong way, seeking pity and ultimately becoming a little selfish. The reason I started this blog was to encourage others through my daily walk on the narrow road. So, from this point I first want to ask each of you for your forgiveness. Secondly, I want to invite you to join me in this journey to positivity. The road won’t be easy, but the payoff for seeking the Lord is worth it!

True Positivity

What do I mean when I say I am on a journey to positivity? One thing I have had to understand is that the positivity that others are trying to get me to seek, isn’t prideful. I have had a pretty messed up view of positivity and that contributes to why I have gone about this all the wrong way. The way I have seen it, is a boasting of self, but true positivity is not this. God has used people in my life to show me that true positivity is always putting Christ first! When the enemy speaks lies into your life, true positivity is found in what the Lord says. The lies mean nothing! Don’t let lies make you negative; don’t let the weight this world gives make you negative.

Faith, Family, Friends

The most convicting thing through all of this is faith! Through my negativity and pessimism, I have shown a lack of faith in Christ. No more my friends, God didn’t create me for that! Where do we start? We start by remembering that as Christians we don’t live for the next hour (future), we live for our King now! If you don’t believe I pray that you will and that this hope I have you will come to know. I can honestly say that I am scared and confused about a lot of things in my life. Guess what…I have some truly amazing family and friends who push me to be the man God intended me to be.

Join ME

Again, if you find yourself as someone who has been negative, don’t go at this alone! I want you to jump in this journey with me! Here is something for you to start with, each day find one way to be positive and GO FOR IT! Time to kick negativity out of our lives and say hello to positivity.

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