Peace After The Storm

So, you know the saying the calm before the storm? Well, I was outside after a crazy storm had gone through and was thinking to myself, what about the peace after the storm? I mean I know there is a calm before that storm hits but what a peace there is after it all passes. I bet this isn’t something most of us think about or even probably care about, especially after severe storms. First though I want to take you back to the beginning of all of this and how this blog idea came in my head.


So, Wednesday morning rolls around and I knew that we were expecting some severe storms, but honestly wasn’t all to sure what to expect. I just went through my day like it was any other and I am not going to bore you all with those details. Anyways, I got home from church and was getting ready for my brother to surprise my family by coming home. So, with my brother home my mind wasn’t focused on the impending storm. Needless to say, I just went to bed and it was kind of late so I definitely wasn’t thinking of any storms, but oh boy was I wrong.


I believe it was somewhere around 2 in the morning but let’s all be honest I had no idea seeing as I was fast asleep. I feel my brother shaking me and telling me to hurry and get in the closet because we were under a tornado warning. If you know me you know storms are not my jam in fact they scare me a lot, so in full panic mode and half asleep I run as fast as I can and grab my phone my stuffed animal and my blanket. I am pretty sure I was moving faster than Barry Allen but seeing as nobody was watching it is just a legend. My mom, sister and I were all stuffed into the small closet while my dad and brother were watching the tv and their phones to see if we were going to actually get hit. The sirens were going off and I just sat in the closet taking deep breaths and a few minutes passed and the sirens went off and we were all clear, so I marched to my bed and fell asleep.


Zoom forward to Thursday evening and I walk outside, and it is beautiful and sunny so I get my basketball and shoot some hoops, that’s when I think about this peace that God has given after the storm. Now, I will say we were blessed to be safe and I know God has all under control, because the crazy thing is there was some tornado damage like a mile or two east of our house. Sometimes the storm destroys and causes lots of pain to communities and families but the verse I was reminded of while I was outside was, weeping may tarry in the nighttime, but joy will come in the morning, this is found in psalm 30:5. Whatever pain your night is filled with, know that God will give you a peace and a joy. This honestly is something hard for many to understand after the pain we would be quicker to blame God for not stopping whatever it is but we miss the fact that Christ is with us while we are in that storm or while we are in pain, and the greatest gift he has offered us is Life with Him and no matter the pain we have a hope. A hope and knowledge that Christ will soon one day return and we will be with Him forever.

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