What Am I Doing: Following The Path God Made

Often times I am asked, hey so what are you doing with your life? Sometimes I don’t know whether or not this is a serious question or if it is a dig towards me. I obviously understand why people want to know and also why people might in some way be worried, but I am here, to one, tell you what I am doing and also to tell you why there is no reason to worry. I think for everyone to fully understand why I am doing what I am doing you first must remember that everyone is created uniquely by God and I know in some ways I am weird and honestly, I am ok with that now. I’m reminded of the verse in Matthew 10:22 and so many others about how those who are truly different(Christians) will be hated and persecuted by the world and I am truly encouraged.


So, what am I doing? I find myself joking when people ask me this and so I end up telling them that I am sitting in my parent’s basement playing video games, which just so you know is not true at all. Im tired of joking with people though, because I know that confidence in what I am doing is important. Here it is and if you know me you should know what my passion is. I love videography and photography and I truly believe that God has given me a passion for it. Sometimes, I don’t know how to explain my passion for it, but if you watch me when I am doing it I believe it shows. You might be asking yourself, well how did you know this it what you wanted to do? Good question, I think being a creative has always been in my blood, but it was Christmas of 2016 that I really realized how much I loved videography and photography. This was the season of my life where I was asked probably a million times what my plans after high school were and honestly, I had no idea how to answer this question. This was the second time in my life where I have felt so alone and like no one cared and it was no fun. However, I serve a MIGHTY KING and He works in incredible ways. So, when all felt hopeless and it didn’t seem like there was anything for me, God answered, like He ALWAYS does.


The second phase of this story is the question of how am I using what I love to one, become a full time job for me and two how am I using it to advance the Gospel and glorifying Christ in all I do. Well, to answer the first one, I am starting a fun adventure with my dad and a friend and I really hope to make it explode and make it a big thing, all for Gods glory. So, I am working on that currently, also I do videos and photos for my Church and also for really anyone who wants me too. By the way it is so much fun. Now, before I jumped into the world of being a creative I asked myself, how do I use the talent and passion that Christ has given me to tell people about Jesus and to give Him the Glory? This can be one of the most difficult things because the world is telling me to do one thing, but then I realize what they are saying is against Christ. So, my conclusion is, I refuse to choose world, I CHOOSE CHRIST. What this means is that succeeding in this world just got a lot harder, but that is ok, because I would rather tell people about Jesus and be poor than succeed in my job and be worldly rich and never tell people about Jesus. Now before you jump to any conclusions about that last statement know that I am not looking to be lazy and not provide, quite the opposite, I want to be able to provide for a wife and kids and for others, what I am saying is that God provides. I know that I can do what I love and work hard at it and Christ will provide. Honestly, my end goal is to start my own video/photo company that serves as Gospel proclaimers and God glorifiers in all they do. This will be hard, but I know that all things are possible with Christ.


Where do I go from here then? FORWARD. Yes, forward, I have a new motto of sorts that is three words. SimpleLivingBoldly. So living a simple yet bold life. That’s why now I will pursue this passion that Christ has given me full bore. I hope people will support me in this and that you all will understand why I am doing what I am doing. I don’t think I have been more passionate about something other than Christ until He instilled the love for videography and photography in me. So, I will move forward. Be encouraged by this verse,

O Lord, you are my God;

I will exalt you; I will praise your name,

for you have done wonderful things,

plans formed of old, faithful and sure.

Isaiah 25:1

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