Grateful or Ungrateful

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

                                                                          1st Thessalonians 5:18

The word Grateful always pops up in my head and it truly makes me think, am I grateful? If I am to answer this question honestly, I would say I am not grateful. Don’t let how I act fool you too much or even how others act because truly I or anyone else might seem super grateful on the outside but on the inside, they might be jealous or envy what others have. On this blog I want to show you some of the ways I have not been grateful and to help people understand how important it is to stay grateful.

By no means is it easy to write this blog since I am telling everyone how truly ungrateful I have really been, but something important also is that I do believe I have been a grateful person and for a lot of reasons but when I looked deeper all I saw was ungratefulness. One way I can think of now is with my videography and photography, I complain about not having enough gear or even that I don’t have very many people supporting me through this like so many other people seem too. What I should be is grateful that I have a nice camera with some nice gear and also, I have the ability to even share my videos and get them out there to anybody who wants to watch. Sure, I don’t get a lot views or shares or comments on my videos, but newsflash it doesn’t matter, no one ever said this would be easy.

Being grateful isn’t complaining about all the things you don’t have but being thankful for all the wonderful things God has given to you. I know that when I focus on other people’s possessions I become ungrateful and lose sight of the Lord and that is NOT GOOD. Ungratefulness leads to sin, like jealousy, coveting, envy and more. I say these things as one who needs to truly work on this very thing but also for anyone who sees themselves being ungrateful. It just isn’t worth it, I know God has blessed me with more than I can even imagine, and I want to focus on that and be joyful. I want you all to do something for me here really quick or at least when you find time, get two pieces of paper and on one I want you to write all the times you can remember that you complained about something or were ungrateful. Next on the second piece or pieces of paper I want you to write all the things you can or should be grateful for, there should be a lot. Make sure to share the things you are grateful for on facebook or with your family not for some satisfaction, but just for people to know you are grateful and not jealous. GO!!!! You don’t have to share on facebook or with family but please write them down for you as a reminder.

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