Your Voice: Will I Ever Stop Writing

Your Voice in a Big World

Your voice, and I know you have one, because God has shown me that I have one! If you are like me, you often feel voiceless. It’s as if you literally can’t talk, but I am confident that God has given you a voice to proclaim His name. No matter what people have said to you or what lies the enemy has told you, no one can steal your way of communicating. We live in a world that is all about equality and yet we as Americans are failing to listen. People all over this great country are pleading and hoping that just one person will hear them. The question I ask myself and want to ask you is, when will we listen?

Writing is My Safe Haven

Before I get into the listening part, I want to explain what I mean by your voice. I don’t directly mean your voice, but I mean the way in which you communicate what’s going on! I have seen people communicate through sports, video, silence and even through their voice. My way of communicating is through writing! I have never personally been one for talking in front of people, but a place that I can clearly express what is going on is through writing! Some will say that you can’t hide behind your pen and paper, but the thing is, I’m not hiding! I’m pouring out everything to everyone, hoping that just one person will hear my voice!

Just Listen

Have you ever taken a little time out of your life to just listen to others? All to often I find myself to focused on myself that I forget to be mindful of those around me. Even though we all are wired different, one thing remains the same, we all have ears! So, being mindful and thoughtful of others is something we are all capable of. God has, at least in my life, time and time again shown me times that I need to be mindful and listen! Something simple you can do right now is pray about it. Ask God to show you times throughout your day that you should listen.  

Your Voice is Heard By God

Where are YOU today? Maybe, you have found your voice and you are doing great! Take some time to listen and be mindful of those around you today. Or maybe you are hoping someone will hear your voice! Don’t stop talking, however you do that! Someone is listening at all times and Jesus is His name! Let this be comforting for you today, God is always there for you! You can talk to Him ANYTIME! Use your voice to express what is going on and to tell others about Jesus! One of the scariest things is to tell others what is going on, but the payoff is out of this world, and even if they choose to not listen keep going! Will I ever give up on writing, NOPE, it is my voice!

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