The Weight of My Belief

There is nothing quite like the weight a Christian holds. See that statement just isn’t true, well at least not exactly. What God has taught me is that there is no weight that we as Christians must hold onto. However, we must realize that if we go around this life claiming too be a Christian then we must live our life FULLY for Him. I hope that this next statement convicts you all as much as it has convicted me. We are either for Christ or we are against Christ. It says this in multiple places in the Bible and we must know that there is no in between ground on this one. I all to often find myself trying to live in that between area. Telling God, I will do whatever it takes as long as it isn’t outside of my protective bubble. Living half of my life for Him and then the rest in sin. Only to come back to Him looking for forgiveness. The issue I have seen is that I don’t take it seriously.


I believe for you all to understand why I am writing about this you need too hear a tiny chunk of my testimony. For about 10 years I lived my life in this metaphorical river called “Christian Motions”. It, as I look back, was a terrible place to live. It was only one and a half years ago, when God broke the biggest “wall” I had ever built. This “wall” is also probably one of the strongest ever and when I say broke, I mean obliterated. It was a moment I will never forget. The weight was completely lifted off me. It was from that time that I knew I couldn’t keep living this half-life that I had grown accustomed too. Too many of us (including me) have thought it was ok to live a partial life for Christ.


I pray that you will all hear me out on this next part. If we as Christians choose to live a partial life for Christ, then what we are really choosing is “death”. As I write that down I hurt inside, because that statement holds an awful lot of weight. Not any one of us wants to hear that, but I truly believe we need to hear it. True Eternal Life comes from a life lived FULLY for the Lord. If you walk up to me and ask me if I find hope, life or happiness in anything other than God then my answer, at least now, would be NO. However, I do find myself often looking too other things for that hope, happiness or life and sadly I find nothing, at least not truly. The problem I find is that nothing other than Christ or even the people Christ has put in my life ever bring me true happiness, hope or life. The truth is there is a weight, but it is the weight of what it means to be a Christian. I believe it is time that I stop living this partial Christian life and choose to lay everything down for My Creator, My King, My Father, My Redeemer, My EVERYTHING. I hope and pray that you all will do the same thing, because if you believe in the same God, I believe in then we both long for the day that He says Well done my Good and Faithful Servant.

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