Please don’t give up! These are words that many don’t get told. We live in a society where giving up is happening everywhere around us. Time for me to be fully honest, there have been many times in my life where giving up seems like the most plausible choice. Whether it be in relationships or career path, you name it, I have found a lot more discouragement than encouragement. I want to talk about why it is so important to keep moving forward. If we are all being honest we probably tear people down more than we build them up. We need to be encouraging others more than we do.

First things first, maybe you are asking yourself why should I keep going? This question should be simple to answer, but it isn’t. It’s a question I often find myself asking. Why would I keep going if something causes me this much pain, confusion, anger and weariness? Amidst all of this pain there is a Wonderful Hope! He is the One who has never left or forsaken us. For me this is the simple yet profound answer to that question. We should keep going and not give up because the God of the Universe is our strength. We no longer have to live by our own strength to carry on.

Secondly, have you ever wanted to give up on a relationship in your life? Maybe you don’t get the point of it or maybe like me you find yourself asking God Why! Why God, would you bring this person into my life? Truthfully, I find myself being “tortured” in these relationships. When you pour so much of yourself into a relationship only for the other person to forget or stomp on it, it gets exhausting. For me, I want to show the other person that they aren’t just a random pawn in my life. They are important and I REFUSE to stop loving them! This is something that I have found to be very challenging.

Thirdly, how about your career path choice? Do you ever find yourself asking, why am I doing this? Again, maybe you find that nothing is happening or maybe all you find is discouragement. Personally for me, I have found the one thing I love and want to do, but for me it seems that it is going nowhere. I am finding more weight on my shoulders now more than ever. I am hearing voices all around me saying give up and go get a normal job! One that will be steady and will help you not look so lazy.

Yeah, so I don’t know what is going on in your life, but I know something is. I am pleading for you to not give up. For me, I believe God in these situations is saying, “ Zach don’t give up, trust My plan for your life”. I can tell you, often this is the last thing I want to do. However, I’m reminded that none of this was meant to be done Alone! Christ calls us into a relationship with Him so that we will have the Hope that we aren’t alone! Please, please don’t give up!

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