Walking With Christ Alone

All to often, as humans, we find ourselves alone! At least for some of us that is what it feels like. Is it true? Absolutely not, really we are never alone. In fact we have a loving Father who is walking with us through our daily life. This is why we can rejoice and be glad. However, I want to hit a couple points that I believe to be vitally important. First, we need to recognize the reality of loneliness. Secondly, we must speak truth and encouragement to those going through it.

The reason why I am writing this is because I have found myself at a lonely stage. For me it is very real and it has become harder each day. I honestly don’t find much encouragement in my life, more so I find myself being the target. That or I just decide to dig a hole so deep there is no escape. As someone who has gone through loneliness I want to write a letter from us (all those who battle loneliness) to those who we want to hear. Sometimes people don’t realize how hard it is for us to tell others, but I know God gave me a voice to speak and that’s what I will do.

Dear Everyone,

          Yes I am lonely. I don’t know why people choose to walk by me like I am not here. I need you to know that I am crying out and all I want is for one person to hear me and respond. If you haven’t gone through this you don’t understand what it is like, so let me help you. You don’t walk around feeling like an outcast. People seem to genuinely love you, they support you, they encourage you for real. For me, people trample over me, they doubt me ( better yet they doubt that God can do something through me), they give up on me, they make fun of me, they hide from me, they pretend around me and in the end they will always write me off. The point is you don’t understand the pain this world is causing me each day. I can only sit here and beg of you to be more mindful of what’s happening. There are way to many of us who are battling this disease every day. The problem is, there are way to few who are actually paying attention. Would you please just take a moment out of each day and look around, We Are Everywhere!

I hope that this strikes a cord in you. The thing we need isn’t more joking, we need the Gospel illuminated into this struggle. That is the reason I am still standing, because my Hope is in Christ. I have chosen to walk with Christ over the world. The only reason I am able to make it through the hard times is because God showed me through His Word that it won’t be easy, but He will never abandon us. So please, instead of trying to self-empower those who feel lonely, let the truth of the Gospel empower them. You never know who is feeling lonely, so all of us need to be doubly mindful. Love people, show them you actually care, be with them, don’t just say, do, pray for people and lastly don’t give up on the ones who feel lonely. Make sure they know God is their Rock!

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