A Man Named Johnny

Over the past twenty-four hours I have been thinking about how I am going to write this. I knew after this happened that I had to brag on God, because what He did was nothing short of jaw dropping for me! As you read this, I want you to know that everything I tell you here is ALL GOD! None of what happens has anything to do with me. Ok, I’m sure the suspense is killing you all, so let me jump in and brag on King Jesus!

It was Tuesday, February 26th around 8:30 at Sonic, where God did something I will never forget! I had just finished ordering my food and was about to leave when a man rolls in on a bike and asks me if I can spare any money. I impulsively said no, thinking he was probably going to use it on something other than food or water. God had other plans for me though! I sat there for what seemed like forever contemplating my decision. That is when the Holy Spirit said no Zach, be a light to this man. So I turned my music down and said, “Sir, what do you want? He then walked over and said,” do you have enough for me to get a Bacon Toaster Burger Meal with a Coke?” I said yes and bought him the meal!

This next part is where God was so very evident! I was sitting in the car waiting for his meal to come out and as I sat, I kept asking God, “what next, what should I do?” I will tell you what I would normally do, and it involves leaving quick! See the Lord was convicting me, right there and then, to take a bold step and talk with this man. So, his meal came out and I got out and asked him if I could sit and talk with him for a while. He willingly said yes! I sat down with a homeless man named Johnny and I prayed for him right there in Sonic.

The amazing thing about all of this is not what I did, but what God did! I was in awe as I drove home that night, by what Christ did! You can’t tell me that it wasn’t by His Sovereign Will that I was where I was for no reason. I know the Holy Spirit was at work, because all my choices that night were the opposite of what I would normally do. I have as of late had a hard time trusting, but it was this one moment where I said ok Lord, that will forever impact my life! One key thing to this whole story is the fact that the whole time I talked to Johnny I was shaking. I was so nervous, but I left knowing that the Lord used me to share the Gospel with this man who was hurting. I don’t know where Johnny is right now, but I do know God is with Him.  I tell you all this story not for boasting about myself, because as you can tell it was all God! I serve a MAGNIFICENT King and if He can take someone like me for the advancement of His Kingdom then He can use anyone. It is so crazy how one moment or one choice can change everything!

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