Change The Inevitable

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

                                                                       Jeremiah 29:11


Change, the one inevitable thing in life. To some it is fun and something they look forward to, and to others it is the one thing they dread. One thing stays the same through all of it though and that is that Christ is there for you know matter who you are. Change to often makes us go crazy and pushes us away from the comfort of Christ. We must always look to Him in times of change.


So why is change so hard? Well I think it is pretty obvious why but I will go a little more into it for everyone to really grasp it. The hard yet obvious thing about change is that it takes you away from your norm or what you are used too. Change means we have to adapt to something new, something that we aren’t used to. The easiest example of this would be the change of high school to college. In most situations a kid will be leaving home and hitting the uncharted territory of a college campus and this is a difficult thing since you are now on an adventure all by yourself. Or are you?


Hear this now, you aren’t alone and you will never be alone, Christ is there for you always and I will always reiterate this because it has been a truth in my life and in many others. So as your life changes open your bible and read The True Richness of Gods Word and pray daily to the Lord. Once this becomes a daily habit of living you will never be alone again through times of change.


Ok so you might be wondering how I deal with change. Well lets just say its not my favorite thing. I know for a lot of people they wonder if I am scared or running away from change, and honestly yes I am scared who hasn’t been scared before? However I am not running away from anything in fact I am running towards a lot of different things. Am I going to college? No, at least not right when I am done and it is not because I am scared it is because that is not where God is calling me. However recently I have really believed that God is calling me to coaching. So there is a great chance me and my dad end up coaching next year. What a better way to invest and share the Gospel to younger kids and continue to do what I love. Now yes I will have to find a job and that is scary but I am ready because I have the comfort of Christ with me.

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