An Ideal Opportunity

Out in this crazy world there are a lot of wonderful opportunities and jobs just waiting on us. Everyone in this world has a different preference or opinion on what an ideal job is and that is what makes this world so diverse in jobs. That’s why there isn’t just one job and nothing else.  For me the idea of being able to create something and share with people everywhere brings joy to me. For that very reason my ideal job is videography and photography.


In life it is always helpful to have a reason why you want to do what you want to do. My joy and love for Christ and for creating something fuels me each and every day. It seems almost every day that I will sit down and watch someone on youtube create a masterpiece and I get inspired. Not only am I able to create but I am able to share, more specifically share the Gospel. Meeting people and sharing my joy and love for Christ and videography is amazing. I must remember that in all that I do I must give God the Glory.


When I look around at this world I see an endless amount of opportunities everywhere. I myself love making videos and if I had to choose what kind I probably would start out by doing a camp video. Over the years I have been to several different camps and the one thing that always gets me excited is the camp video, not because I want to see myself or someone else but because I want to see how it was created and put together. Now to quickly jump over to the photography side of things, the opportunities with photography are seemingly endless, for me I enjoy taking pictures of nature and people. Best of both worlds. You might be wondering why and the reason is being out in God’s creation and being able to share the Gospel with the people I meet along the way is like the gas in the tank of car, it always fuels me. What I have realized is that I must snatch these opportunities up or I will miss out on so much.


It seems that there is always a reason in which we do something with the particular opportunities that are in our way. For example to me the idea of making a video for a camp sounds amazing. The joy that kids bring to my heart and the fact that I sit and watch as kids almost fall out of their seats in anticipation for the camp video. Another reason is that in the beginning God created this world and it was beautiful and perfect and even though sin entered this world there is still beauty. Walk outside and tell me there is no God, I look outside and want to just capture everything as my eyes see it. Creating a masterpiece of sorts brings me joy, and it is my passion and pursuit to share the Gospel while I create.



As I have stated the most ideal job for me would be videography and photography. Most importantly and as I reiterate this over again proclaiming the Gospel is a must and a command in whatever job or career I pursue. It isn’t always easy but it is what God commanded those who believe in Him to do. In my mind the second most critical thing about an ideal job is that we have to have fun while working all while being serious and you must enjoy what you are doing or else you won’t ever be truly committed. Why be an astronaut when you can create videos and take pictures of God’s creation. This is who and how God made me to be, He gave me joy for these things, So I GO.



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  1. Such awesome words!! I so look foward to the sharing of this new journey and the road God leads you down! Thank you for sharing not only your passion Zach but your Love for Our Father!! To HIM be the glory and may his most awesome blessings be upon you!!!

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