Trusting in Christ With Everything

Lately, I have realized the importance of trusting in Christ with everything. All too often I look to myself or the world for an answer or even attention. The thing is I don’t find any answers that are truly satisfying when I look to myself or the world. I want others too know that Jesus is the only way and if that means telling my story a little then I hope this will encourage you all as you live your life. As it says in Gods Word, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


So maybe you are asking yourself in what areas of your life are you realizing the importance of trusting Christ? Honestly, all of them, however the main one right now is with my future and His plan for my life. It has been so hard for me, for the simple fact that I am going against the flow of everyone around me and trying to do what I believe God wants me too. Something you all need to know about me before I go any further is that I am super critical of myself and worry what others think too much. So, with that being said, all too often I believe everyone around me looks at me and thinks well he is never going anywhere, he is a nobody, he will never be able to provide for a family. This hurts! I don’t understand why this is so hard, but I know that God is the one I trust and even if there is some pain and failing along the way He is the one I look too in those times.


I am one of those people who doesn’t have a backup plan. I know that it is what everyone would tell me too do, but can I ask why? Gods plan for my life and for your life is the ONLY plan that matters. If I can’t focus on the Lords plan for my life and trust that through thick and thin He makes a way, then who am I? I know that it might seem crazy to everyone to not have a backup plan, but I believe that there are no backup plans with Christ. Yes, he might lead us in another direction, but that isn’t a backup plan. So, I am learning to trust that Christ has a great plan for my life and although this life gets overwhelming all too often we can trust in Jesus Christ.


What does it mean to trust in God? For one, it means we have to let go. Let go of all the things we hold close to us, our pride, anger, selfishness, possessions and etc., and give it all to Christ. I believe that we can’t fully trust in Jesus if we let any of these things come between us. God must be the center of our life and nothing else. We have to trust that He will provide, the He will be there for us through everything, that He will love us even when others don’t. Never forget that God sent His son Jesus to die the death we deserved and now because of the Love He displayed on that cross we now can have eternal life. Will you all trust this and know God is Good and He LOVES YOU.

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