The Whirlwind and the Light

To those around me I say I am sorry! I realize that I have confused you all. You probably have forgotten who I really am. I have made you think I am nothing, by beating myself up and telling myself I am nothing. This isn’t me though, I am a super joyful, kind and caring person. (at least that is what people have affirmed in my life) I can say I am a mess, but that mess isn’t what defines me. Christ is who defines me, and it is in Him that I find my worth and my purpose! I will end up finding myself lost in the storm when I begin to look for answers and worth in places and in people other than Christ. Essentially that is why I am writing this, because I found myself lost and God said I am here Zach.

Over the past few whirlwind months, God has been teaching and showing me so much. For me to try and explain it all would be a challenge. The crazy thing is, is that my faith has grown exponentially stronger in these hard and confusing times. There is something to be said about times that are difficult. I believe it is in those times that we realize that we need Jesus MORE. This whirlwind that I find myself in has no hold on me. Even though I am in the middle of it, Gods light is shining brightly! God has made Himself more evident in these past few months then I can ever remember before.

This is more of a testimony that God isn’t finished! I hope that by reading this you all will be encouraged. Not by anything that I have done, but by what Christ is doing. It isn’t only in my life that Christ is working. He is at work in your life also! I’m human and I can claim that I don’t understand what you are going through. Christ on the other hand knows exactly what you are going through! I don’t know what whirlwind you find yourself in, but I hope you hear this and know these words are words I need to hear as well. God is LIGHT, and in this whirlwind or storm you find yourself in He will PREVAIL! Trust Him and know that He has a plan for life.

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