Good Can Be On Social Media

Social Media is Real and Dangerous!!!!

O Lord, you are my God;

I will exalt you; I will praise your name,

for you have done wonderful things,

plans formed of old, faithful and sure.

Isaiah 25:1

Ok so I am back here with the second part of the social media issue, I want to talk about ways to use it for good and times when we need to just put it down. Just a little insight about what I previously in case you are reading this one and haven’t read the other one yet. First it might have been close to, too harsh, but I do believe it was necessary, at least somewhat. Second, I talked about the selfie and how it only exalts the name of self when our pictures as Believers should exalt the name of Christ. Lastly, I pleaded that those who are caught up in the ugliness of social media to get out, well I didn’t exactly say that but I am now and I want those who are trapped to run, QUICKLY.


So I say social media can be used for good and guess what I am absolutely sticking with it. Maybe it’s the fact that I love videography and photography, so I kind of use social media as a way to show people my work. However, I am not biased in anyway in fact I have left social media a few times to evaluate what I was doing. Now you may be asking yourself, Zach, how do I use social media for good? I am not an expert when it comes to this just passionate. Anyways I believe that we should ask our self before we post anything these few things. Is this going to glorify the Lord? Is it going to cause people to comment hateful things or start arguments?  Am I only thinking about myself? How much do likes, views, comments etc. matter to you? Ok so I am actually going to talk about this last question because it is very important. I personally have had issues with worrying about how many people like my post or comment on my post. It has ruined me a little if I am being honest, I barely get any likes or comments on any of my posts and yes it does stink but it is not important. I let it consume me too much and worst of all I let it define me and my work and I don’t want anybody to run into this issue like I have, but if you have gone through it already, first off you aren’t alone and second, please get away from it, this is when you have to just delete all your accounts and take a reprieve. The way social media can be used for good is if we through our posts glorify the Lord, make sure our posts aren’t going to cause arguments and strife,  make sure your posts don’t boast about self and instead boast of the Lord and His great works.

These leads right into my next point, if you go to my Instagram or Facebook it would probably be easy to think I am doing the opposite of what I am saying, however, it isn’t that at all. Yes, I am trying to build my brand or portfolio and yes that is very important to me because this is what I believe God wants me to do and if it is I have to do this very thing so that one day I am able to provide for my family and not be a bum who does nothing. When you look closer to what I post though it is all for Gods Glory, my pictures are all for showing Gods amazing creation and my videos are only to glorify Him and I say that a lot of times in my videos because I want people to know the love and truth that I do. So, I am just asking for all of us including me to look more deeply at what we post or even look at on social media platforms. This is a call of action of sorts that truly must be acted on as Christians. Go, go post but be careful and make sure to Glorify the Lord in all that you do.

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