Selfies Must End: Social Media Issues

Yes everyone selfies must end now.

He must increase, and I must decrease.

   John 3:30

Yes, this is a very short verse, but one of the most powerful verses I have ever read. The sad thing is, is daily we fail too do this very thing. I mean we as in all of us, including me. If you read the title you are probably thinking I am about to go on a rant about selfies and only selfies, that would be wrong though. Yes, I am totally going to hit the issue of selfies but the more pressing matter is social media in general. This is a topic that I am super passionate about and believe is something that we must talk about and figure a better and more biblical way to go about it.


First off let me get my rant over with on the selfie. The selfie is just wrong. Well its wrong for Christians but not technically wrong for the world. More so just what we should expect the world to do. As a Christian though we must obey the Lord and His Word and many places in the Bible prove that the selfie is wrong, just like the one above. Let me just ask one question and please don’t take it the wrong way or personal, but tell me how can a picture of yourself increase the Lords name and give Him glory? I have the answer, but most aren’t going to like it. The answer is you can’t. I really believe either A, the person taking the selfie is insecure or B, the person is so into themselves they want others to see them. That is probably going to hurt a lot of you reading this and I do want it to sting a little, but hear me out, I don’t take selfies, but I have been in these two situations before. I have been insecure, and I have been into myself before, but that is why I am so passionate about this, I got nowhere when I was those two things.


The selfie is what I like to call the macro lense or really the thing you see in the macro lense. I want to talk a little bit about what you see in the wide angle lense and that is social media as a whole. Don’t get me wrong I do believe social media could be used for good, but the issue is, is that absolutely, well mostly absolutely no good comes from social media. It’s honestly kind of sad that most people are ok with social media these days. The things that make social media evil and horrible are the likes of cyber bullying, nasty images, arguing, prideful posts, selfies and the list goes on and on. I am the culprit of these very things so don’t think I am attacking you I am just passionate. Social media has become all about me, me, me and less of others first. I don’t want to give any examples of things because that does no good, but if any of these things hold true to you please think about what you are doing.


I want to heed carefully when it comes to this topic, but it is a very important issue that as Christians we must hit head on. We definitely can’t take it lightly and let those around us continue to live like the world and lift themselves up in the process. I could probably talk about this issue for days but I don’t want to talk peoples heads off here. This whole blog has been about more of the negative side of things, but in my next one I want to talk about ways it can be used as good and better ways to go about on social media.

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