The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ! God was, is and always will be and He created this world we live in, in six days, resting on the seventh day. In that time He made all that you see around you. Humans, animals, plants, the sun, the moon and the stars He created! Over the time that led up to Jesus’ birth God led His people out of the wilderness. He used ordinary men to do extraordinary things and He defeated armies! It was said through the prophets that God would one day send a Savior to defeat sin and become the ULTIMATE sacrifice for all sinners.

That’s when Jesus, who was born of a virgin came into this world. Jesus lived His life performing many miracles, eating with the despised and rejected and ultimately teaching all who would listen. Then that terrible hour came when Jesus would pay the bloody penalty we deserved. There Jesus was nailed, to that cross, beaten and bloody! There are Savior lay, dead on that cross, but it isn’t finished! Jesus arose from that grave, defeating death and showing all that He truly is the Son of God!

The hope we have now is that one day our King will return. And when He does all evil will be destroyed for good and every tear will be wiped away. Those who are written in the Book of Life will spend eternity with Christ in Heaven. Today I pray that no matter if you believe or don’t believe that you would hear this Hopeful message. I know I need to hear this message every day and it never gets old. As believers we must GO and tell people about this, because the true reality of it all is that this is Life and Death. I know that I am not the one saves so I pray that God today would transform your heart and you would believe!

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