Saying but Not Doing

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?
Luke 6:46

Really think about this verse. So many of us and I am very guilty of this like to tell people or even God things and we don’t do anything after we say these things.

A lot of my life I have said I would do something but then I never do anything. Many of us do this with our Christian faith. It is a mistake on our behalf. When we say that we are going to do something we should do it. An example of this would be like me going out in to the church and telling everyone that I will do my bible reading for the week and then I go throughout my whole week and do absolutely nothing. And yes that is a seemingly small thing to others but as a Believer in Christ it is a huge deal. We can’t go living our lives as a lie. I think this is what a lot of Christians struggle with in life. We think we are incapable of doing things in life, like reading the bible, praying to God and spreading the Gospel. God calls us to do these things and we deny Him a lot of the time even when we don’t think we are.

I’ve been really convicted of this saying but not doing problem a lot lately. I will tell my youth group that they or we need to Go, like the great commission tells us too, and I won’t be doing that myself. Anybody can say something but there must be action following it. We need to do something in this world of pain. And I should feel ashamed and want to do something. That is what I’m going to challenge myself to do each and every day.

Now my real question and this is a heart problem is are you really doing anything or are you just saying you have? So ask yourself this question and if you think you aren’t doing anything join me on choosing to do something.

How many of you would be willing to admit that you have said you would do something and you didn’t do it? I will gladly admit that I have. Yes we are humans, we forget and we do make mistakes. But one thing we shouldn’t forget is why we are here on this earth. That is to praise and glorify the Lord and to share the Gospel. Many of us are afraid to share the Gospel and we shouldn’t. If they deny it they are denying the Lord not you. So go share this Amazing News and go into the world unashamed.


  1. Jon Goings

    Good stuff Zach. We all need to be reminded that life in Christ necessitates obedience. Thank you for the challenge and encouragement!

  2. Mark Taylor

    Awesome, so grateful that your doing this!

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