My Child it Will Be Ok

My child it will be OK, these are the words that the Lord reminds me of each day! As a follow up to my last post I wanted to write about the hope I have through everything. In a life full of confusion, hurt, anger and emotion we will often question God on why! I do it so much and that is why I am writing this. I’m reminded of Job in these times. A man who lost pretty much everything and was countlessly tried by the enemy. Through all of this though he remained faithful.

There is this thing called a dry season and if you are like me at all it feels like it is never going to end! It’s as if we just hopped on the world’s longest roller coaster! Oh yeah and it is still rolling.  Part of this long dry season is all the why’s we ask. Why do I think I’m not good enough? Why did God put this person in my life? Why can’t I do anything right? All these why’s do are tell me that it’s not going to be ok. Then on top of that I have the enemy behind in my ear telling me, “See Zach I told you no one cares about you!” I can say that of my roughly 7500 days on this earth, 5000 plus of them I have heard this lie being told into my life!

With all of this being said, how can I possibly believe that everything is going to be ok? Sure I could put on a smile and pretend that everything is fine, but what good would that do. It isn’t to hard to see through that mask on me anymore. Honestly, it is a challenge most of the time to trust God in these times. However, countless times I have opened His Word and right there in front of me is a verse that says I am with you or I won’t leave you. It is because of these reminders that I am reminded that I am going to be ok! I don’t know what you are going through or what people are telling you, but if I can tell you one thing it is this. GOD IS WITH YOU, HE WON’T LEAVE YOU, HE LOVES YOU!

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