Let Us Not Forget Friends : The Good News

Let us not forget friends…The Good News!

I have absolutely no script for this blog, so please take this with a grain of salt. However, I want nothing more than for everyone to hear me out.

Have We Forgotten

We all see how this world is seemingly growing more and more evil. I watch as the Bible and its TRUTH’s are being forgotten! People all around the world are forgetting the foundations of history that once were treasured! We get more excited about our sports team winning than we do the Salvation of a new soul! Life has become selfish, and I am serious take a deeper look at your life and tell me it isn’t true. And for my sake don’t point out that one time you helped someone out. (As a quick reminder, there is nothing you or I could do to be saved, it is a gift of God. Read all of Ephesians 2!)

At what point do we remember?

When will our eyes be open again?

Right now, there are a lot of shut eyes and it is sad, and the truth is, to answer those questions above, for many NEVER! We read in Ephesians 4:18-19, how for many Gentiles they walked with a hard heart. The were ignorant, they ran after themselves, not the Goodness of Jesus! It should break the hearts of every believer to see so much evil everywhere, but what do we do? (this has been convicting for me a lot lately)

Let Us Not Forget this Christians, it is Good News

Christian, I make this plea to you today, don’t forget the firm foundation we are called to live on! (Matthew 7:24-27) We hear and read of the Truth’s of Scripture, yet we run from them in selfish ambition. God calls us to hear them and do them! We have the Assurance that one day, and oh how I long for that day, we will be with the Lord forever! That should bring a smile to your face. Rather than spending hours binge watching Netflix, we should desire to study the Glorious Truth’s of Scripture!

A Quick Story

Let me tell a true story really quick. There is this guy who grew up in the Church. He was a “Christ-Follower” and loved serving in his church. Like many people he was a lover of himself! As he grew older, into his teen years, he started to run after himself and the lustful desires of the flesh. So, he lived two lives, one on Sunday and Wednesday, where he seemed perfect. And then the other days the complete opposite. This guy soon started teaching Sunday school to first and second graders, not realizing that he would soon become oh so convicted! He walked into that classroom prepared, well at least he thought. What he soon realized is that he knew little about the very things of scripture he was asked to teach, and this HURT!

Ok, so spoiler that story was about me!

Why That Story

I don’t tell that story to puff myself up in any way, quite the opposite actually, but I share it to show and hopefully convict those who are reading this. Seriously, how many of you hurt inside when you realize that there are more first graders out there that know more about Bible stories than you or me? (yes, I praise the Lord that we have young children who know the Bible well) Have we forgotten who the Creator of this World is? (Just read all of Genesis 1 and 2) We serve a Mighty King Christ-followers, and we cannot turn our back on Him. I implore you to seek the truths of scripture. To desire to know Him better. It is the only thing that truly matters in life! I could have a great relationship with family and friends in this life, but if my relationship with Christ isn’t number 1 then I have no true life! And I believe we all would be remised if we forgot who gives us breathe in our lungs!

The Good News!

I pray that everyone would read this section of this blog more than any other part. This is the part that we all need to hear, all the time! It is simply, the Good News! The Good News that the Creator of this universe created everything. He created the animals, the plants and He created you and I. However, man chose to sin by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And so, sin entered this world. Now because of that we see sin everywhere! But as the prophets spoke in the old testament the coming of the Messiah would happen. The One who was our Savior! The only hope to free us from our sinful bondage. He did come! He took human form and was born of virgin (Mary). His name was Jesus, and He came into this world and for a time taught the people of the world as He lead His disciples. The hour came though for the spotless lamb to take on the penalty that WE ALL deserved! This He did, by laying down his own life for the lives of sinners. He died that day on a cross, he was buried and then he rose again, and He defeated death once and for all. He took on all our sin and CRUSHED it!


This is Good News friends, not that we did anything to deserve salvation, but that through Jesus’ death on that cross He offered the free gift of Grace to us. That we could hear it and receive it, not through our works, but by simply turning away from our wickedness and repenting. Then to believe in the Messiah! (Read Romans 10 and Matthew 4:17) Many will water down the Gospel and make you out as some hero, but that is not Good News. The Good News is that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t worthy, but that King Jesus is! I beg of all of you to hear God’s Truth and to believe!

Don’t Forget

Friends, please don’t forget!

Forget not the glorious truth of the Gospel!

Don’t forget to read your Bible every day!

Don’t forget to love others even if they hate you! (Matthew 5:43-48)

Don’t forget to listen to the wise words of the scriptures and of those who are older than you! (Read Proverbs)

Don’t forget history and the time that has passed!

Again, I will say don’t forget who loves you the most! (Romans 5:8 and 1st John 4:7-11)

A Quick Reminder

If I may let me say these last things as a reminder for all of us as we live each day. (and I mean me most of all, because I write this of my own convictions)

Each day that you wake up, remember to preach the Gospel to yourself. Remember to read the Truth’s of Scripture every day. (2nd Timothy 3:16-17 and Psalm 119:105)

 May our days be filled with more Jesus. (Read all of Scripture and be filled with more Jesus everyday)

 Put your phone down, put your laptop away, turn your tv off and live for Jesus. (Matthew 22:37, Romans 12:2 and 2nd Corinthians 5:17)

 Put two feet down on the ground and walk out into the sunshine of a new day and preach the Gospel! (Romans 10)

Make time for it!

 Love others well. (John 13:34-35)

 Spend time with those around you. Build each other up always, in word and in deed. (1st Thessalonians 5:11 and Ephesians 4:29)

 Live each day for the Lord as if it were your last, because we aren’t guaranteed another day. (Proverbs 27:1)

 Live for God not for yourself, and I implore you to do this every day, again I say this to myself above anything, I want us all to live a Godly life, selfless and humble before the King of Kings!

God bless each one of you!

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