Hope In the Darkness

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Romans 15:13


Yeah, so darkness I have found out lately is not much fun. I don’t even know how people enjoy the dark honestly. Now, let’s clarify something here real quick, I understand that mentally speaking, occasionally our eyes need rest from all the lights and exhaustion. What I am trying to say is, how can someone say they love darkness? One of my favorite things to do is walk out on a sixty degree day when there is a slight breeze and just breath in and out and let the crisp air hit my face. ( you should try this) It’s in these moments that I am reminded of all the hope I have in Christ. Too most people this is the craziest thing someone can say and I am ok with that, but I want everyone to know and have this same hope.


Why is it that someone can have any hope when life is hitting you hard and all it seems like your life is about is hurting, pain and darkness? Honestly, in my life and my whole belief in Christ, it’s in those moments and days that I realize all I have is Christ. My life is incomplete without God. As Christians ALL our hope must be found in Christ. For those who don’t believe, you might be wondering how does this have anything to do with me since I don’t have the same hope as you? I would love for you to hear me out for a moment. Ask yourself, when you are going through a hard time in life, where do you find hope or look for hope? What does that hope of yours offer you? Just think about those two questions for a moment. Even those who do believe in Christ and like me would say they put there hope in Christ, please think about these two questions, DEEPLY. Now do those things that bring you “hope” actually bring you any hope?


Personally, I fail at this way to often, I have put my hope in things other than God and have only found a dark pit calling my name. I could write on and on about the many things I have looked too for hope and only one of them prevails and gives me a hope that often times I can’t begin to even explain. His name is Jesus. I want us all to think about what it gains us in life when we put our hope in something other than Christ? Honestly, I get it, my first human instinct when I find myself hurting is to run to what the world quote on quote has to offer me. It has taken me twenty years to realize that when I do that, I end up in a deeper hole than before. I have absolutely no idea what anyone is going through, but what I do know is that each and everyone of us is loved deeply by God and it is when we look to Him when we will find True Hope.  Their have been many, many days where life is just hard and I wonder why? It’s the hope I have in Christ that prevails through the darkness.


Okay, I have gone this far through and haven’t even told you all what my hope even means. The hope and truth I have and hold is knowing that one day Christ will come back and I will get to spend eternity with the Glorious King. The hope I have is that one day I will get to hear the two words I always imagined hearing, WELL DONE. The hope I find in Christ is that He sent His son Jesus to Die for you and I, because He loves us that much and wants us to have this hope. YES! All I have is Christ, All I want is Christ, and because of the hope I have I want All to know this very same hope.

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