The Biggest Lie: I’m Not Good Enough

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a deep chasm of doom, yes DOOM, just because you believed the lie, you aren’t good enough? Well, this guy has, and now after many years of telling myself that lie I find myself deep in that chasm, on top of just telling myself I also let others around me push me further down. I truly don’t believe this is an uncommon thing among us humans, but it is however a very personal thing and each story is different from the others. I just hope that God uses me too reach those who feel this way, because I do understand that it hurts. Personally, I can’t even begin too explain how hard this is for me too share, because it exposes my GREATEST fear, FAILURE!


First off, there are two things wrong with this lie. The first one is the fact that we must realize that God created us and because He created us He is Good enough and because He is Good enough for and with us, that lie is exactly what it sounds like, A LIE. It holds no power over us and has no authority, because Jesus said I am with you ALWAYS. We all must live our lives understanding that we can’t do life alone, we need Christ. He is the One who comforts us, He is the One who gives you your strength, He made you UNIQUE. The second thing that is wrong with this lie, which it ties into the first one, is the simple fact that it isn’t true. Now I get I might be sounding like I just changed the words up from the first one but trust me it’s a little different. This second reason is such a profound statement, right? I mean it is a lie after all, so it can’t be true. I can personally think of many moments where I felt pushed down and the only thing I thought was that I must not be good enough.


Something I can tell you is that this lie will ruin your life piece by piece. I have pushed myself so far down that I am on the brink of actually believing the lie that I am not good enough. I am pretty sure that it is the reason people always wonder if I will ever “do anything with my life”. Let me be bold here for a moment, I get it, I look as if I am afraid too fail, I AM, however I am going somewhere in life and God is and will use me in ways I can’t even imagine. I think it will just take everyone opening their eyes too see it. Again, I completely understand that most people look at me and assume that I am stuck somehow, and again they aren’t wrong, I am stuck because of this lie. I want to tell you all that this lie, even those it has me deep in a chasm, can’t and won’t define my life and I pray that if this is a lie you tell yourself that you would give it ALL to God.


Lastly, I want to encourage and comfort all those whom this lie pertains too and even those who don’t think it does. I am so sorry that this is happening too you, I am sorry your life is filled with more beat down than encouragement. It is simply not OK. I understand nothing makes sense and it feels like you will never be good at anything, know this, God will NEVER forsake you. God doesn’t just use the rich, powerful and famous to spread His message, no in fact often it is you, yeah you. The one that is scared, the one who hides in the background, the one who loves people so much, but doesn’t know how to show them. God takes all kinds of unique people and uses them for the advancement of His Kingdom, and you aren’t excluded from that. God loves you, and I know this isn’t easy, trust me I’m living it, but if you would remind yourself each and everyday that God is Good enough and He is ALL I need. The BIG picture for all of this is the fact that we are all broken, messy sinners who honestly can’t do this life without Christ. As I have said many times, this world will fail you, they will lie too you, but God NEVER will. I plead to all who tell themselves they aren’t good enough, RUN, run to Christ! And to everyone else who doesn’t struggle with this particular thing, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE!

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