A Second Chance

A Second Chance, can you think of a time where you messed up or wronged someone and God gave you a second chance? Life is full of second chances and ultimately this in my life is a demonstration of God’s forgiveness! I can’t even begin to fathom the times God has given me a second chance even though I didn’t deserve it! Honestly, I have many times asked God why? Why God do You even give me a second chance? I don’t deserve it! I can’t claim to know how your story has unfolded. All I know to do is pour myself out so we all can grow.

The big question is, Zach how has God given you a second chance? I can’t get specific right now, but for me it has ranged from relationships to sin issues! What I can say about them is that God saw me in my darkest and most ugly moments and continually He said I FORGIVE you! We all have these personal things we hold close aka OUR SCARS! I don’t believe our scars define us, but I do believe they serve a purpose, for us to grow. Like all scars, they heal and that is where we must trust Jesus to heal! Thing is, I could regret all these things I have done, but truthfully, I wouldn’t change one of them. They have made me who I am today!

Where do we go from here? We have a couple choices! First, we can put our full trust in Jesus and embrace His good gift of forgiveness and a second chance! Or we can run from Jesus and decide to choose our own path! I can’t tell you which path to choose, it’s your choice, but I hope that you will think about it. Our first inclination is to run away in fear! I know this because I have done it over and over. I can guarantee you though that nothing feels quite as amazing as the forgiveness and second chance that King Jesus gives! Take it or leave it, it is your choice, but I serve a God who is Just, and He gives us a hope and ultimately a Second Chance! HE loves you and wants you to know Him!

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  1. Joseph Wilson

    Hey cool, you came back!

    God’s forgiveness is amazing because we don’t deserve it. We only have it because Jesus lived without sin and and took our sins as if they were His. It’s really a miraculous blessing.

    Romans 5:6-11
    1 Peter 1:13-21 (See verses 18-19)
    Revelation 5:9-10

    I hope you’re doing well! Happy Fourth of July!

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